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Tony's Transfer

In  1969,  Tony  Rousslang  Sr. and his wife  Fran  started  as  freight  agents  for  Raymond Motors,  Harl Motors,  Midwest Motor Express (MME),  and Twin City  Freight  (TCF)all  based out  of the  Minneapolis/Saint  Paul Minnesota area. These  companies  would drop their  partial  freight  off in  Wadena,  and  the  freight  would  be delivered  within  a 40-mile radius  of  Wadena,  Minnesota.

Tony and  Fran operated  in  this  fashion  until  1981  when Tony Rousslang  Sr. bought out Hammes  Transfer  and  over  the  road  trucking began. Tony's  sons  Joe Rousslang and  Dave  Rousslang  who  worked  for  Tony's  Transfer delivering freight,  took  on the over the  road  trucking  within  a five-state radius.

ln 1986  Fran  passed  away  and  three  years  later  in  1989  Tony Rousslang  Sr. passed away. The  company  continued  operating  and  in  1991  the  brothers  Joe  and Dave Rousslang  purchased  the  company  and  began  a partnership  Tony's  Transfer  LLC.As  a 48-state  carrier,  the  brothers  fully  embraced  long  distance  trucking  and grew the  business  from  only a handful of  trucks,  to  a fleet  of  trucks  and  a staff of owner operators.  After  a few  years  the company incorporated  to  Tony's  Transfer  Inc.

In  2016  Tony's  Transfer  Inc.  moved from  its  original  location  to the  Wadena Industrial  Park  on the  outskirts  of Wadena  and  combined  all  their  facilities  onto one location.  The new  location  includes  an  office  building,  maintenance  shop, and ample  space  for  all  truck  and  trailer  parking.  The office building  houses the  location of Tony's  Transfer  Inc.  office,  and  an  area  with kitchen, bathroom,  and  bedrooms facilities  for  drivers  to  use during  their  off  hours.

In 2018  with the  sudden  death of Joe Rousslang, Joe's  wife Dianne stepped  in  to help  the  business  and became  a part-owner  of Tony's  Transfer  with Joe's  brother Dave Rousslang. During  the  50  years  (1969-2019)  this  family  owned  business  built a legacy  of a professional  over-the  road trucking  company  through  the  company's  commitment  to growth,  safety  with well-maintained  quality  equipment,  superior  service, customer satisfaction  and  the  dedication  of  drivers  and  staff  that  remains  the  backbone  of  the company  today.
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